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You Want Mid-Week Linkapalooza? You Can't Handle Mid-Week Linkapalooza!

By: Scott Duvall | @JawaviFilms

Trust me, there’s a reason for that title to this post. Here at the Waitin’ Since Last Saturday podcast, we’re trying to do things a little different for this 2018 college football season. You could say, we’re taking ourselves a little bit more serious. No, not in a smug, we’re better than you way, but in a content production way.

Earlier this year, we introduced our new logo and procured this here website. We made some branded WSLS Podcast t-shirts (which you can still buy while supplies last) and one week ago, the “Mid-Week Linkapalooza” made its debut. Part of that strategy is strictly for content creation, but the other half is just trying to spread our brand out to everyone in the Bulldog Nation - because as Kirby says, “We’re not going anywhere.”

(Left to Right)  Tony Waller ,  Scott Duvall  &  Will Leitch

Okay, before you get to the fun external links, check out our links to the two shows we’ve released since our last Linkapalooza. On Sunday, Will, Tony and I spent about 20 minutes discussing the Dawgs’ thrashing of the Cocks. [Android Link] [iOS Link]

Our latest episode was released yesterday and it was strange. Due to kids’ sports schedules and business travel requirements, the three of us convened at 5pm on a Monday afternoon. It was different than our usual 8:30pm bourbon infused discussion, but as always, I think our newest episode is our best one ever. Check out WSLS 147, the UGA vs Middle Tennessee State preview show.

Interesting Links of the Week:

  • This might make it in every week of the Linkapalooza, but the team at Georgia Bulldogs Sports Marketing does an outstanding job at providing us fans a weekly behind the scenes access to the Georgia football team. This week they introduce Sydney Roberts, the football performance nutrition coordinator and how important hydration is to the players.

  •, a site all UGA fans should bookmark provides an update on how our Dawgs in the NFL are doing on a weekly basis. For week one, you could say, they all had pretty good games - except Lions QB Matthew Stafford who threw 4 picks versus the Jets and Bengals safety Shawn Williams who was ejected for a vicious hit versus the Colts.

  • You probably saw Clemson pull out a close 28-26 victory at Texas A&M last week. One of the most controversial calls during the game had to do when A&M receiver Quartney Davis was going in for a potential game tying score and fumbles the ball through the end zone for a touchback. They hilarious guys at SEC Shorts decided to get to the bottom of the controversy as they “cross examine” the actual pylon in a court of law.

  • How much money (profits) do college football programs make? It’s a question most fans probably have at some point during the year - probably as they make their donations and purchase their tickets. You might be surprised where UGA ends up and it should now make more sense as to how Texas A&M was able to afford that gigantic Jimbo Fisher contract.

  • Staying on the topic of finances of college football programs, friend of the podcast, David Ching writes an interesting article on the impact that Hurricane Florence will have on college football scheduling and the paydays for smaller programs’ games cancelled this weekend due to this event.

  • Our co-host, Will Leitch asks the question in a piece from New York Magazine that’s on a lot of our minds from time to time, “After the U.S. Open, maybe we should just abolish umps?” The blowup between Serena Williams during the championship match at the U.S. Open was the catalyst for this article, but Will dives into the relationship of players and umpires in MLB as well. Make sure you pay special attention to the story that Will’s grandfather tells about umpiring a little league baseball game.

  • Not only is Will a writer, but he’s has his own TV Show. Yes, in case you weren’t aware, The Will Leitch Show airs on Sports Illustrated TV and can be streamed on Amazon. This week’s guest is comedian Rob Riggle.

Please share via Twitter or Facebook if that’s something you’re in to. Bottom line is we appreciate y’alls attention and interaction with our podcast. If not for our listeners, we’d just be three pretty sad guys getting together once a week to sit at a desk and talk to each other. Come to think of it, that’s not sad, that would still be awesome, it’s just more fun with our listeners.

Okay, enough of that. We’ll see you on campus this Saturday - Go Dawgs!!