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3 Pieces of Content You Need to Consume if You're a Georgia Bulldogs Fan

By: Scott Duvall | @JawaviFilms

Saturday, September 15th was a strange college football Saturday in Athens. Fans (and podcasters) had been talking up the “night game” atmosphere at Sanford versus Middle Tennessee State University since the game time was set in late summer. But, with the unknown path of Hurricane Florence, the UGA Athletic Department prudently changed the kickoff from 7:15pm to noon.

Three members of the Redcoats relax during pregame of UGA vs MTSU

Three members of the Redcoats relax during pregame of UGA vs MTSU

So, yeah, it was strange because people had already made plans and had a little over 48 hours to see if attending the Georgia game would fit into their already busy Saturday. Most fans made it. We estimated the actual attendance to be around 80k to 83k fans at Sanford. But, the Blue Raiders aren’t exactly an interesting opponent and the Dawgs made quick work of them by scoring six touchdowns in the first half. By the end of the game, the stands looked more like an open scrimmage during fall camp than an actual season matchup.

Six different Bulldogs scored seven of the touchdowns on the day. Mecole Hardman had two of them. One receiving and the other on a dazzling punt return in the second quarter. Even Tyler Simmons, who was onside and looked surprisingly fast, didn’t catch a pass, but rather ran a jet sweep around the right end and took it to the house.

Here at the Waitin’ Since Last Saturday podcast we were busy as well and have three pieces of content we’d like to share with you as we cap off the MTSU talk and look forward to a date with the undefeated Missouri Tigers this coming Saturday in what Tony refers to as “the nicer of the two Columbias in the SEC”.

Our First Ever Will & Scott Halftime Video Update

Will Leitch and I sit together for the Georgia home games over in Section 118 and as I arrived to the stadium, my two boys and I were looking around wondering where he was. So, I promptly checked Instagram - Will always posts the games he attends on his Instagram page - and there it was a view from Section 124. Will and his wife had been offered a shaded place to sit and after that Austin Peay sweat-fest, I can’t say I blame either of them for making that call.

The weather turned out to be quite lovely thanks to the northerly wind from the outer bands of Hurricane Florence, so the boys and I were not at all hot. But as halftime rolled around, we had to leave for a previous commitment I had on Saturday (see the game time change did mess people’s schedule up). But, before leaving we ran into Will standing there at the top of Section 124, almost like he was waiting for me to stroll by.

Since I was recording video as I always do at games, I handed my camera to my oldest son, Jack and asked him to film Will and me giving our first ever in game halftime analysis. Now, it was more frivolous than anything else, but due to the reaction of our Twitter followers, it might be something that we do a bit more of in the coming weeks.

My Georgia vs MTSU Video Diary (Vlog) on YouTube

I’m a “video everything all the time” kind of person. Being a creative director/videographer, I tend to always try to film a story or events in case I want to make something creative out of it. Saturday was one of those days and in this short, 2 1/2 minute video, you’ll be able to see how my sons and I got through our busy morning and over to Sanford Stadium to watch the Dawgs play. It’s definitely not a hype video, more of a laid back kid of vibe, which matched the overall feel of the day quite nicely.

WSLS 148 | The Georgia vs MTSU Postgame Podcast

In a short, 20 minute episode, Will, Tony and I share our thoughts on what we’re excited about as the Dawgs have started 3-0 and even some things that concern us. During the season, we record two shows a week. One on either Monday or Tuesday, which is our pre-game podcast. The pregame episode typically goes over an hour and involves a lot of fun banter, deep analysis (mainly by Will and Tony) and the goofy part, which is where I share my fascination and borderline obsession with different college football uniforms, we make our Fun Office Pools College Pick’em selections and we jump into trivia or other stories that pique our collective interests.

Sunday podcasts, like the one linked here are simply - jump on a Skype call, spend 20 or so minutes discussing our thoughts on the game and that’s it. The dynamic between the two types of episodes could not be more opposite, but it helps to keep our sanity with doing a short one every week and helps us to save a lot of our best stuff for the preview podcast.

Thanks for stopping by. Make sure to subscribe to our podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes and leave us a rating and review. We’ll definitely read and discuss your review on a future episode. You can purchase a WSLS Podcast T-shirt, but only if you wear a Large or Extra Large. I think we might have about 12 of them left and we will not be making any more of this kind.

Dawgs versus Missouri this coming Saturday, our preview podcast should be out on or before Wednesday.