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6 Podcast Episodes for True Georgia Bulldogs Fans

By: Scott Duvall | @JawaviFilms

With only a few weeks left until college football returns, many of us are still trying to get caught up on all of the available information out there. From YouTube channels to preview magazines to seemingly endless team and conference websites, the choices are endless.

But you shouldn’t watch a video while commuting to work and have you ever tried reading an article on your phone in between sets at the gym? We all have done it and it’s not pretty. Okay, I’ll give you Twitter and Instagram - those are gym friendly social media sites. But, in all honesty, don’t be that guy or gal on your phone at the gym. Get your workout in, get fit and go home.

The good news is that in 2019 there are a ton of podcasts out there and if you’re a Georgia football fan, we’ve recorded a handful of offseason episodes that you can listen to before the season begins. Think of it as a primer to becoming a more enlightened Georgia Bulldogs fan for 2019.

The 2019 Georgia Bulldogs Season Tickets | #AttackTheDay

The 2019 Georgia Bulldogs Season Tickets | #AttackTheDay

Our WSLS Podcast Summer 2019 CFB Preseason Playlist

WSLS 177 | College Football is Coming: June is a sad month for college football fans. There’s nothing of substance going on. The season is still weeks and weeks away. The preview magazines have already been read and by now they’re full of sand and tattered. That’s good because you got your money’s worth and are more knowledgeable on the new 2019 UGA recruiting class, but you need more. In this 90 minute episode, the three of us cover a ton of topics and dive deep into the rumors of the WLOCP potentially leaving Jacksonville.

WSLS 178 | Spotlight Series: UGA PhD and 12x Jeopardy Champion, Seth Wilson: The ‘Spotlight Series’ was something we came up with earlier this year. These are interviews with beat writers, media members and other fans who have a unique insight or interesting story to tell about their connection with the Georgia Bulldogs. In this episode, Seth Wilson shares with Tony what it’s like to be on Jeopardy, his connection with the University of Georgia and an update on Alex Trebek’s health.

WSLS 179 | Spotlight Series: 11Alive Sports Anchor, Wes Blankenship: As you would expect from a July podcast, this one gets into more actual Georgia football predictions and coverage of actual news of the team. Wes shares what it’s like for him to cover UGA games as a working media member, how the UGA Grady College of Journalism helped prepare him for his career and makes his predictions on how he thinks the 2019 season will turn out for the Dawgs.

WSLS 180 | Our Very Own College Football Media Days: After taking a month off from recording a real episode where the three of us are sitting around microphones, we felt what better time to do one than the week of SEC Media Days. There are a lot of minutes spent talking about certain SEC matchups, big intersectional games of the 2019 season and Georgia football news that is still relevant to this day. With a 90 minute runtime, this show would certainly help make that Atlanta commute home a whole lot easier.

WSLS 181 | Spotlight Series: Dan Rubenstein of The Solid Verbal and Sports Wars: This was a surprise episode for me. I received an email from Tony late last Friday with his complete interview with Dan. It’s a great insight into the mind and personality of one of the premier college football sportswriters and podcasters. You’ll hear how Dan and his entrepreneurial spirit began his career with an idea and a video camera. Certainly, once you hear this interview you’ll probably subscribe to his two podcasts (if you haven’t already).

WSLS 182 | 2019 College Football National Preview: Let’s face it. College football is so close we can almost taste the smoked brisket and smell the bourbon in the air. The Georgia Bulldogs are actively practicing and daily updates are pouring out everyday from Seth Emerson and other beat writers. So before we too jump into serious UGA talk about the first part of the season and Vanderbilt game, we wanted to provide a national overview. You might not be a fan of the ACC or Pac 12 and other conference - we aren’t either - but it’s a good idea to have a general understanding on the other 129 FBS teams. We don’t cover all of them, but it’s safe to say we talk about all of the ones who might have something to say about who will make the final four of the CFP this fall.

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