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Trying to Predict the 2019 Georgia Football Kickoff Times and Networks

By: Tony Waller | @tylerdawgden

This is my best guess for kickoff times this season.

Times and networks in bold are confirmed.

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Notes and thoughts:

  • CBS has announced two doubleheader weekends: 

    • Sept 21 – 3:30pm/8:00pm

    • Nov 16 – noon/3:30pm

    • Note that for the first time in several years, the LSU vs Alabama isn’t on a doubleheader weekend. 

  • There isn’t a world we live in that makes me think Notre Dame is kicking off anytime other than 8:00pm. Tennessee at Florida is likely to be the 3:30pm game that weekend.

  • Predicting Tennesse and South Carolina required a lot thought. UT has the potential to be a night ESPN game, but there are some other national matchups that make me think the game will be at noon. The South Carolina placement was more about what I think their record will be.

  • The Auburn game could be at noon on CBS or ESPN, but based on where I think teams will be in November, I think CBS takes that game over South Carolina vs Texas A&M.

  • I hear the ‘McGarity wants noon games’ noise, but great teams don’t play at noon when the folks stroking checks say they don’t play at noon. 

  • The ACC has control over the Georgia Tech game. The good news is the other ACC vs SEC matchups on 11/30 (Clemson-South Carolina, UK-Louisville, FSU-Florida) are all at SEC stadiums, meaning there are fewer potential marquee teams/matchups in their inventory. The better news is the ACC Network opens up more decent kickoff windows than having to count on ESPN/regional sports nets to find a place to stash a game. The bad news is Tech is likely going to be A Very Bad Football Team®, so unless the networks go for some morbid seal clubbing style rating grab, I’m sticking with noon for now.

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Tony Waller