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There's Nothing More Delicious Than Georgia Tech Hope!

"I have to say that one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had was the Todd Gurley overtime takeover game. That was the same night as the "Prayer at Jordan-Hare". I was over there, and let me tell you...there's nothing more delicious than Georgia Tech hope. There's nothing more delicious than Georgia Tech hope!

They thought they were going to win that game until a point in middle of the fourth quarter and they realized they weren't. And, from there until Todd Gurley scored the winning touchdown, it was G L O R I O U S!

So I buy into your five-dimensional chess theory because I'm okay with it being right, and frankly if he gets fired this year because we beat them 57 to nothing I'm fine with that. Honestly, anytime you beat Tech it's a good thing. Even if it's one point, so...

'Keep 'em around?'

Keep 'em around!

- Tony Waller's cold open for WSLS 142 | The 2018 Georgia Bulldogs Football Preview Show

Scott and Tony during a man on the street interview for a  YouTube video

Scott and Tony during a man on the street interview for a YouTube video

What's up, Scott here. As a contributor, editor and producer of the Waitin' Since Last Saturday podcast, I'm always listening intently during our recording sessions for those special sound bytes like the one Tony provided above.

My co-hosts, Tony Waller and Will Leitch could not be any more polar opposite in their delivery of the information they want to impart on our podcast listeners. Will, the consummate media professional is often planned and patient in establishing a new college football discussion topic. Think of Will's approach like a seasoned running back allowing for his teammates to set up their blocks before bursting through the line of scrimmage.

Tony, on the other hand is Kenny Stabler, Fran Tarkenton or for lack of a better example, Baker Mayfield in his approach. He too knows what he wants to say, but he's more of a scrambler.  A thought or a statement from another co-host is thrown out and Tony's suddenly changing directions ready to run because he sees that opening and has the knack for ad libbing and making something happen with his feet (or in this case providing some hilarious monologues).

And, yes, I too am prepared to contribute, but I'm first watching and observing these two gems of human beings sit across from me making strong arguments for their point or counterpoint. I often find myself either laughing or sitting back and letting those two run with the ball.  I suppose you could say, I'm just the offensive lineman who, sure, might make a fine block on the play, but is otherwise in awe of what the real playmakers can come up with when the game is on the line.

This is our 2018 Georgia Football Preview Show and is the 142nd episode I've had the privilege to produce for this podcast. I never thought that a creative outlet that takes so much time would bring me such professional pride to work on. But the Waitin' Since Last Saturday podcast does just that and I'm appreciative to Tony, Will and our amazing listeners to be a part of this each and every week.

Indeed, I sit there every time we record, actively listening for that potential 12 to 30 second special moment that can serve as the introduction or "cold open" to each and every episode. I've also learned that when Will or Tony get going, to sit back, stay quiet and let those two horses run for the end zone because, not for nothing, they score almost every time they touch the ball.

Scott Duvall is the producer and co-host of the Waitin' Since Last Saturday podcast. He is the owner of a freelance video company, Jawavi Films. You can find more of his work by checking out his YouTube pageInstagram account or even his website.