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3 Georgia Bulldogs Football Preseason Interviews You Have to Hear

As a podcaster, you would ideally like to produce daily content on your podcast. But, podcasting doesn't always pay the bills. So the three of us have augmented our own shows where we sit down in the studio (or Scott's basement) and opine on everything we can think about as to what the Dawgs will look like for 2018. 

We don't have all of the answers, so lately, we have stepped outside of our own podcast to get the perspective from other well-respected sports writers. Here are three recent interviews you'll want to check out.

WSLS 139: Tony interviewed Michael Felder of Stadium. If we've ever produced what the podcasting world would label as "evergreen" content. This is that show. They chatted about everything from cooking to Michael's tips on how to truly watch a football game and become a smarter fan from doing so.

WSLS 140: Tony had his annual preseason conversation with CBS Sports writer, Barrett Sallee. In this episode, you'll get a great overall feeling of what the Dawgs are up against in the SEC. It is a quick show, but you'll get a ton of rapid fire information on everything from the Gators in the east to Mississippi State in the west.

WSLS 141: It's Seth Emerson, long-time Georgia beat writer and now the lead writer covering UGA Sports for The Athletic. Will and Seth discuss the Zamir White injury, Kirby's fiery press conference following the injury and Seth provides a detailed breakdown of the Dawgs' offensive and defensive outlooks for the year. Don't miss it!

The three of us will be back with a new show, WSLS 142 on Wednesday, August 22nd with our 2018 Georgia Preview Podcast. So, make sure you're subscribed to our podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts from.

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