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Our Very First WSLS Podcast Mid-Week Linkapalooza Issue

By: Scott Duvall | @JawaviFilms

Now that the first of three "pay for a win" games is over, the #3 ranked Georgia Bulldogs head to Columbia, South Carolina to open up SEC play versus the recently ranked #24 South Carolina Gamecocks.


But before I get into the Dawgs vs the Cocks, let's rewind to September 1st. Question here, and I already know your answer, but just have to ask, "Have you ever in your life been that hot at a Georgia football game?"

I haven't and this week I've spoken to a lot of people - my podcast co-hosts, friends who are Georgia fans, friends who aren't Georgia fans, my kids and even members of the UGA Athletic Department. All 100% agree that September 1, 2018 in Sanford Stadium was a record setter that should have been measured on the Scoville scale.

If you are interested in hearing Will, Tony and myself discuss the heat and how the Dawgs looked after putting down Austin Peay (in only 55 minutes of actual game time), check out our quick 20 minute postgame show (Linked above).

For those of you who are ready to move onto bigger and more ambitious football games, let's turn our focus to what might happen at 3:30pm on CBS in, as Tony calls it, Willy-Brice Stadium. This will be no cake walk. In fact, last year's team - you remember, the one that was in a gnat's hair on 2nd and 26 away from winning a national championship - Yes, that team. The South Carolina Gamecocks played one of the closest games vs those 2017 Dawgs in Sanford Stadium, but (the Cocks) eventually lost a close one 24-10. Should be a good one Saturday, GO Dawgs!

Interesting Links of the Week:

  • The talented people at Georgia Bulldogs Sports Marketing do a weekly Kirby Smart All Access show that is sometimes not that easy to find online. Check out the post - Austin Peay edition.
  • NIKE is in the news this week and there are many people with strong opinions on both sides on whether or not this was a good move or bad move. Was it appropriate or not? Our co-host, Will Leitch is a writer with an opinion and he published this piece for New York Magazine. Also, NIKE put out a video to go with the campaign. What are y'alls thoughts?
  • Finally, I had to get in on the fun with poking fun at South Carolina this week. I'm known for my affinity towards college football fashion and what the uniforms look like, new helmets and like to envision Georgia wearing black jerseys again for a big SEC night game. So, the new Carolina helmets that the Gamecocks are wearing this year look, well, not bad. But, I'm pretty sure Chick-fil-A would like a word.

Make sure to get you a WSLS Podcast shirt if you haven't already. You can visit our shop to grab one of those beauties. Looking forward to a Dawgs victory this weekend, but remember it's not guaranteed. I predict a close, edge of your seat close win by Georgia, 25-23.